The Latest Trends

Bedroom Interior Design
The latest trends are to enlarge the kitchens and open them to either the family room or the dining or living room, depending on the configuration of the house, in order to have the family and the visiting friends and relatives spend time together with the person who cooks.
Another very common prerequisite of a new kitchen is an island which could be available for breakfast if space can accommodate a large size plus stools or only as additional preparation counter top space, sometimes containing a sink or even a stove top.
Cabinets materials and type are varied, ranging from darker wood colors to white, they could be mahogany, cherry, oak, maple, etc , the important thing is to select a color that will compliment the selection of flooring and counter tops.
Flooring could be stone, ceramic, porcelain, marble, wood, laminate, etc. and counter tops which are very important, most of the time are granite, could be marble which will require more maintenance, could be quartz, etc.
The trend for appliances, refrigerator, stove top and oven, microwave and dishwasher is to be stainless steel, perhaps with a stainless steel hood to match.
Another important trend is to have a continuous back splash, mostly ceramic, following the counter tops.
For the bathrooms, a tendency is to enlarge the room if possible, the stand up shower with all glass doors are fashionable as well as two sinks in a full bathroom.
For a master bath, a new trend is to have a soaking tub, two sinks, some storage and if possible a window.
If you are interested to remodel your kitchen or bath, make sure you have a detailed plan with a layout, materials, colors, appliances and a good contract showing the price for materials and installation as well as the finish date of the project.